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Giuseppe Visalli was born in Messina, Italy on August 20th 1970. He spent his first eighteen years in Messina, receiving the diploma in computer science with the maximum score at ITIS "Verona Trento". After, he had been moved in Pisa to attend at the local University in Electrical Engineering, specialization in Telecommunication. He recieved the degree in 1996 with the maximum score 110/110.
His first job experience was in Milan, Italy in 1997-2000 at the Italtel company based in the same city. He had a very short job experience in Genoa, Italy at the Marconi Communication as a software engineer. Finally, he came back to the Sicily and joined the ST Microelectronics, an European chip maker based in Catania. The experience in ST was in the field of digital design and research and development, joining the Advanced System Technology (AST) Group, the system reasearch division in ST. In 2007, he has been moved in the semiconductor memory gruop in ST as spin off with Intel to form Numonyx. His job was the design and verification of serial NOR flash memories. In 2010 the Micron Technology acquired Numonyx. Because the closure of the offices in Catania, he relecated in  Padua since March, 2019 with the role of design tecnological lead, in the area of design validation of 3D NAND flash memories.

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