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Patents in ST Microelectronics, Catania Italy (2000-2007)

Granted US Patents
  1. G.      Visalli and F. Pappalardo Process and device for reducing bus      switching activity and computer program product therefore US 6,      933,863
  1. G.      Avellone, A. Galluzzo, F. Pappalardo, F. Rimi and G. Visalli Method      and device for synchronization and identification of the code-group in      cellular communication systems, computer program product therefore      US 7,123,929
  1. G.      Visalli and F. Pappalardo Bus Switch coding for reducing      crosstalk effects on buses. US 7,283,460
  1. G.      Visalli and F. Pappalardo Method of transmitting data streams on      optical link and system and computer program product therefore US      7,313,332
  1. F.      Pappalardo, G. Notarangelo and G. Visalli Method for transmitting a      data flow over an optical bus, corresponding system and computer program      product US 7,352,301
  1. G.      Visalli and F. Pappalardo Method and Device for floating-point      multiplication, and corresponding computer-program product US      7,398,289
  1. G.      Visalli, G. Avellone, A. Galluzzo F. Pappalardo and F. Rimi A      method and system for coding/decoding signals, and computer program      product therefore US 7,424,068
  1. G. Visalli and F. Pappalardo Method      and device for transmitting data on a single line, in particular for      transmitting data on a bus with minimization of the bus switching      activity, and corresponding computer product US 7,586,943.
  1. G.      Visalli and G. Avellone Method of estimating fading      coefficients of channels and of receiving symbols and related single      antenna or multi-antenna receiver and transmitter US 7,643,588
  1. G. Visalli      and F. Pappalardo Method an system for high-speed      floating-point operations and related computer program product US      7,899,860
  1. G. Visalli      and F. Pappalardo Processing method for providing,      starting from signals acquired by a set of sensors, an aggregate signal and      data acquisition system using such method  US 8,126,084
  1. G.      Visalli and F. Pappalardo Cache Memory and method with improved      mapping flexibility US 8,250,300
Patents in Micron Technology, Padua Italy (2010-today)
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